She’s the wine columnist for The Wall Street Journal and former executive wine editor for Food & Wine Magazine, Lettie Teague is one of the most articulate and straightforward wine writers in the industry, and her numerous James Beard Foundation Journalism awards attest to this.

Wine journalist and author, Lettie Teague.

Wine journalist and author, Lettie Teague.

We visit with Lettie June 10th on The Connected Table LIVE! fresh from being honored by the Wine Media Guild and on the heels of the release of her new – and third -book, Wine in Words (Rizzoli). This book is a collection of witty ruminations on wine from “Fun To Know,” “Need To Know” and “Who Knows?” It’s a pleasurable read best paired with a glass of milk(?) at bedtime (Ha! Ha! Not!).  Perhaps a port instead

Lettie believes insatiably curious oenophiles should drink what they don’t know versus just what they like to pleasure their senses and expand their palates (There is an essay on being “a palate” in Wine in Words.

Lettie Teague

Lettie Teague

This book is a great gift for wine lovers. Here are also some other wine gifting ideas from Lettie:

Lettie Teague’s Rules for Wine Gifting:

Give a magnum.

Better red than white

Avoid the obscure.

Sparkling is best.

Resist the gift set.

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