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Do You Know What Defines Cuban Rum?

Carlos Esquivel, CEO of PILSA, distillers of fine rums made in Panama, gave us a short primer on what defines authentic Cuban rum during his interview on The Connected Table LIVE! July 29th. Link:

1. The rum must be made from molasses, not sugar cane.

2. The liquid is column stilled, not pot stilled.

3. Aging must take place in American oak Bourbon barrels.

4. The liquid must undergo the Carta Blanca process: Once distilled it must age for three years in barrel under the supervision of a master blender.  After 3 years it may be called rum. Anything aged less than 3 years is aguardiente.

5. The aging indicated on the bottle is based on 3 years plus the amount of time the rum continues to be aged. Therefore, an 8 year old rum is actually 11 years old.

Esquivel has teamed up with longtime friend, Francisco Don Pancho Fernandez, former master distiller for Cuba’s Havana Club rum, to produce Origenes Don Pancho, Cuban style rum made in Panama.

Imported by Terlato in the USA.

Don Pancho and Carlos Esquivel
Don Pancho and Carlos Esquivel